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Does Soreness = A Good Workout?

Have you ever been so sore after a workout that you couldn’t move in the days after? It feels good to workout hard. Exercise has been shown to have mental benefits that go far beyond the confines of the gym, which we’ve written about here. For many of us, soreness is just a small price…

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Deload to Reload: Making the Most out of Feeling Tired

On this blog, I’ve always harped on the notion that sometimes, too much is too much, and that less could be more. I am a firm believer that full recovery is just as important as training hard to make progress in the gym, and just last week, we discussed tapering for a powerlifting meet. Clearly,…

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The 3 P’s of Why People Get Hurt in the Gym: Part III

If you missed Parts I and II of this series, be sure to catch up here: Programming and Periodization. In the first two installments of this series, we discussed why improper programming and periodization can actually hurt you. Last but not least, here is the third of three reasons why people get hurt in the gym: preparation.…

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The 3 P’s of Why People Get Hurt in the Gym: Part I

I like to think that fitness and training is all about getting out of your comfort zone. I remember the first time I stepped into my high school weight room; even though it was full of equipment I wouldn’t necessarily consider beneficial anymore, I vividly remember how sore my pecs were from the chest press…

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