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Opinion: The Training Secrets of the Vikings

Whenever a group earns a nickname like the “Attacking Vikings”, you know they’re something special. This is the nickname given to the Norwegian athletes who compete in Alpine Skiing, and they’re a group that have dominated the Olympic medal podium for a very, very long time. We can learn a lot from them. When you…

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Opinion: This Month, Don’t Celebrate the Olympic Games

Halfway across the world, the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang have already begun. Unless you were part of the dedicated few who were up early to watch the opening ceremony, you’ll be catching up on all the action and festivities tonight. For almost all of the athletes who will be marching in the ceremony for…

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Opinion: The Dark Side of Soccer Success

This week, the US men’s soccer team failed to qualify for the World Cup. Although it is the most popular sport in the world, soccer has to compete against football, baseball, basketball, and hockey here in the US, and the loss represents another hurdle to the development of the sport and its players on a…

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Opinion: With Your Clients, Build a Foundation First

Most coaches and trainers first get into the industry because they were once athletes or have always been interested in exercise. Since I’ve started coaching, I’ve witnessed numerous trainers try to force-feed complex movements to clients in an effort to get them in shape, without the slightest idea of what their movement foundations are like.…

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Opinion: What the New Apple Watch Means for Your Fitness

Somewhat lost in all the hype surrounding the latest iPhones is the next generation of the Apple Watch. Series 3 now brings aboard cellular capabilities that allow you to take phone calls without having your phone on you at all. But what has always appealed to me about the Watch are its health monitoring features,…

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Opinion: Brace Yourself, Football Injuries Are Coming

Tonight is the official start of the NFL season. It marks a day when an abundance of sports fans will unite to cheer on their respective teams; it also marks a day that multiple athletes will sustain bumps, bruises, and even devastating injuries. The injuries can come from contact or no contact; from bone-shattering hits…

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