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Three Important Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is fast approaching here in the Northern Hemisphere, and you can bet that I am dying to take full advantage of the warm weather and spend time out in the sun. And I’m not alone. The summer is the perfect time for everyone to enjoy what nature has to offer, relax in Central Park,…

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Get Better at Pull-ups to Bring Sexy Back

Justin Timberlake isn’t the only person who can bring sexy back; you can, too. Find out how to get better at pull-ups–and build a stronger, leaner, #SexyBack in the process. The pull-up is king when it comes to upper body strength. However, they are an advanced movement for many gym-goers, and many tend to use…

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Banish Your Beer Belly For Good

With the spring and warm weather approaching comes this disheartening realization: “crap, I need to get myself back into gear.” For the record, beer bellies aren’t specifically a direct result of too much beer. Just maybe too many calories, too much Netflix and Chill, and not enough movement. Let’s face it, when you’re drinking beer,…

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Move of the Week: High-incline Dumbbell Bench Press

The start of spring means that summer is just around the corner…so let’s get a head start on beach season by featuring something to develop a beach body! THE MOVE: High-incline Dumbbell Bench Press MOVEMENT PATTERN AND MUSCLES WORKED: Vertical/horizontal push: pecs, shoulders, and triceps. WHY DO IT: Well, of course we’re featuring a bench press variation…

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