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Opinion: Doing Yoga Will Ruin Your Abs

If you’ve been to any yoga class, you’ve likely heard the instructor cue you to “draw your belly button to your spine” during various poses to work your core. This is sometimes known as “hollowing” or even “creating a vacuum” in bodybuilding circles. And let’s face it, it’s not uncommon to think about sucking in…

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Kinstretch vs. Yoga: Which one should you be doing?

In our previous blog post, we announced the launch of our regeneration suite here at Halevy Life. Kinstretch is one of our three new offerings, with Vital Yoga and Nutrition rounding out the trifecta. The goal of our regeneration suite is to help you achieve resiliency in the gym and outside of it, through the…

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5 Mobility Moves You Must Try (and A Special Announcement)

Hot on the heels of our previous announcement that we’ll be offering Kinstretch classes here in New York City at Halevy Life, it’s hard to believe that that day is almost here. Let’s cut right to the chase: Kinstretch kick-off is Saturday, October 29th at 12:30pm. To celebrate this occasion (and more), we are happy to tell…

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Chances are, you are doing yoga all wrong.

Chances are, you are doing yoga all wrong. The Big Mac-ification of yoga has left us “going beyond our flexibility” (the Bikram set will get it), dehydrating ourselves worse than my wrestling weight cuts (yoga is hot in India…because it’s hot in India, ahem), and being forced to listen to someone play an accordion while…

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