"From a size 12 to a size 6 (Kelly), from a size 14 to a size 8 (Tamara), and 42 pounds lost plus 10 inches off the waist (Ralph)."**

Kelly, Ralph and Tamara (TODAY Show)

New York fitness guru Jeff Halevy is so brazenly confident his method gets results that he’s promised to refund any clients who don’t come away with
a smokin’ hot body. We tried it, we did it, we lost 11lb.**

Jessica Powell, Women's Health

"Long story short: it’s working. I am about a month into training here three times per week and I have already seen results. I’ve added lean muscle and have seen improvements to strength, speed, flexibility, and cardiovascular health."**

Keith Harden

"I lost 90 pounds in 3 months."**

Doug Huang

"I lost 13 pounds & 2 dress sizes in just 2 months!"**

Kerry Giblin