Throw your Fitness Tracker in the Garbage

by Dan Cerone

Over the past decade, the rise of fitness trackers has been unreal. Not only are they now sold as standalone devices to count your steps, calories, and sleep; they are also integrated and come installed with our phones. Most people think that this a step in the right direction, and I agree that it is. The only problem is that with the rise in trackers there has also been a complacency with “doing enough.”

If you start being more mindful of your movement during the day with it is without a doubt a great step towards improving your lifestyle. But the tendency that seems to be occurring with these trackers is people not making progress. Obviously trying to hit the 10,00 steps a day is better than nothing. However, your body will adapt to the increased workload you’re asking it to perform and you’ll stop seeing progress. You would have to keep adding a thousand or so steps every week and eventually, that becomes too much a commitment on time and isn’t giving you enough in return in the form of results.

This is the exact same issue that has happened with people going into a gym and performing some type of machine circuit on all the basic isolation machines that are generally seen in commercial gyms. They would go in and increase the weight every few weeks until they didn’t feel like it anymore and then that would become their weekly routine. I would even argue that this is slightly superior to measuring steps because it is actually easier to provide an overload effect via this routine than it is to increase your steps by 1,000 every week. But still, the issue comes again to complacency and lack of progress. You need to make progress if you want to actually attain goals.

So when should you throw out that fitness tracker? After about 2-4 weeks of using one of these to start getting yourself into the habit to exercise you have to make it a point to seek out more. This can be in the form of a fitness class, a personal trainer, or stepping into the gym yourself if you feel confident enough. You always have to be searching for more if you really want to achieve your fitness goals. You have to stress your body to make sure you’re constantly forcing adaptations and then the fitness goals will follow.

New York, NY

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