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Personal Training

Executive Health Coaching Personal Training NYCPrivate Client personal training includes:

+ Incredibly tailored personal training programming to meet the needs of your body and goals

+ A dedicated Personal Training Coach with a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science

+ Concierge-level service

+ Priority scheduling

+ Laundry valet

+ Preferred access medical concierge 

+ Many other included amenities & services

Private Client personal training includes high-touch, precision-built, bespoke truly “personal” training programming. It provides the ultimate return on your investment with us. From the moment you attend your meticulously comprehensive Human Functional Index Testing (H-FIT) assessment through each subsequent personal training session, progress is measured and programming is re-calibrated, ensuring that your progress remains not only plateau-free, but injury-free as well.

Training starts at $165/session. Please complete the below or call us at 212-233-0633.