Travel Without the Aches and Pains

xmas travel

It’s the holidays, which means you’re probably doing a good amount of traveling.

Traveling can really take a toll on the body because you’re often sitting in restrained positions.

Three Travel Exercises

Bo has 3 favorite exercises he employs to keep his body healthy when he travels:

1. Hip Bridges

Use the space you have to open up your hips. Press your hands into your seat and lift the hips, while squeezing your glutes. 

2. Nerve Flossing

Straighten your leg out and pull the toes back. Then point and pull your toes repeatedly. You will feel a little burning sensation in the back of the leg. 

3. Neck Stretch 

The neck gets really bogged down when you travel. Open up the neck by pulling it side to side with the opposing hand. Hold on each side for 10 breaths. 

These simple moves will be sure to leave you pain free during the holiday season - that is, unless you're at the in-laws! Try these out and let us know how it goes!

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