Your dominant traps are 50 shades of…shoulder dysfunction

“Upper Trap Dominance” sounds like it’s right out of “50 Shades of Grey” – but it’s neither sexy nor..err…grey? 

Even less sexy? It’ll leave you looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

What is it?

Upper Trap Dominance is when your traps want to do all the work – which causes you to hike your shoulders up when pulling or pressing.

Our traps get used to overworking because of the way we sit, stand, move, text and carry things all day. This in turn affects our form when performing a lot of different exercises (mostly by hiking up the shoulders).

The good news is there’s a quick and easy way to fix it – and give you the ultimate lat pump in the process.

Set Up:

  • You will need two bands (one lighter than the other) and racks to attach them to overhead and in front of you.
  • The heavier band is set up overhead and goes under your armpit, while the other (lighter) band is set up in front of you ready to be pulled on the same side.

Two Simple Steps:

  1. Shrug up into that upper trap dominant position, letting the band under your armpit pull you up as well, and then shrug back down — hard — against the band (your lat will feel this already).
  2. Pull the other band towards your body and just HOLD.

Perform 5-6 reps per side, holding for 10-15 seconds per rep.

Get the most out of this drill by performing it right before you have a horizontal pressing exercise (i.e. bench press) or horizontal pulling exercise (i.e. barbell row).


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