VO2 Max Testing NYC

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Max Oxygen Consumption (“VO2 Max”)

Are you an endurance athlete, runner or triathlete? Curious about your cardiovascular fitness?

VO2 Max is the highest rate at which oxygen can be taken up and utilized by the body during intense exercise, the highest capacity of one’s aerobic fitness. Not only is VO2max an important indicator for the ability of an athlete to perform endurance exercise (i.e. marathon, triathlon, etc.), but it also provides a good measure of cardiovascular health.

Completing a VO2 Max test at Halevy Life’s Flagship NYC Metabolic Lab, using our clinical-grade equipment, will provide you with a detailed analysis of specific training zones to improve cardiovascular health and aerobic performance. Aside from better performance on your next race or athletic event, an increase in VO2 Max will increase endurance, decrease risk for cardiovascular disease and increase energy reserves.

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