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Understand and improve your VO2 Max, Body Composition and Metabolism

"Numbers don't lie. Check the scoreboard." -Jay-Z

What would you do if you walked into your doctor's office for an annual physical and he or she looked you an up and down, and said, "You seem healthy. See you next year." 

You, of course, want your healthcare providers measuring blood pressure, body temperature, and bloodwork at the least. So why would you lower your standards outside of the doctor's office? 

Whether your goal is decreasing fat, building muscle, running better, or simply optimizing your health, you are flying blind if you don't measure at the start and along the way.

Knowing your VO2 Max, Body Fat Testing, and Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) will shed a lot of light on why you feel the way you feel or perform the way you do.

Having this information and knowing what it means will help you make educated decisions for improving your overall health, performing better, and living a better life.


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