Losing weight is easy. One day of dehydration alone can help you shed pounds on the scale. But unless you play a weight-dependent sport, weight is not what you want to lose; fat is. 

And when most of us say we want to "tone up," we really mean change our body composition: increase muscle (lean mass), and decrease fat.

But again, most of us fly blind. Whether you are trying to bulk up or get leaner, how do you know your exercise and diet regimen is even working? Have you gained/lost muscle? Fat? Water?

The only way to know where you started, where you are currently, and where you are going, is to test lean mass and fat mass through a body composition test. 

There are a few different ways to test body fat and lean mass, but the gold standard -- which we use -- is Hydrostatic Weighing (Underwater Weighing).  The test is very simple and fast: you enter a jacuzzi-like tub, and then briefly dunk yourself underwater. The computer runs an algorithm in real time to calculate your precise body composition.  It is actually one of the two most accurate ways to measure body composition, the other being "bod pod" -- but this water immersion method has been the clinical choice for decades. (For what it's worth, those hand-held units do not work at all, and we have found InBody to deliver  unreliable results.)

With the Body Composition Analysis, you will get a result showing your:

  • fat mass
  • lean mass
  • key body measurements
  • insights into health risks now and in the future 

We will also give you some pointers based on your results that will help you improve your lean mass while reducing the fat.

$299 Non-member; Metabolism Testing (RMR) add-on $99

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"What gets measured gets managed
...and what gets managed gets improved."
-Peter Drucker

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