Advanced Physical Therapy

Get your body back. Eliminate pain, move better, and improve well-being. 

"If any thing is sacred, the human body is sacred." -Walt Whitman

As you probably know, even "normal" wear and tear takes a toll on our bodies. Simple things like sitting or running can cause pain and discomfort later in life...and often we don't even have to wait for "later."

The good news is, a lot of this can be eliminated through physical therapy.

Now I know what you might be thinking...

Isn't physical therapy for people who are injured or recovering from surgery? 

The short answer: No.

Physical therapy is for people who want to get get their bodies back -- regardless of whether that's from injury or surgery, sports and hobbies, tough workouts or the stresses of work life.

Nearly every adult over the age of 30 will want to increase mobility and flexibility, eliminate joint pain (often tendinopathy, like tennis elbow), or decrease back pain (commonly the lower back, caused by herniated or "slipped" discs).

But physical therapy does more than eliminate problems and get you back to the status quo... 

Physical Therapy improves everyday performance as well: on the gym floor, green, court, and even in your office.


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