What is your “Why?”

Do you know the one question that can put you on the path to fitness and health? Find that question and its answer, and you might not need anything else to get strong, sexy, and healthy.

As a fitness coach, I often see people struggle with consistency and motivation when it comes to fitness and getting started. Maybe the timing isn’t right for them, or they don’t feel ready to make a full commitment. They procrastinate for what seems like an eternity, and the goals they are looking to achieve never materialize, because they never really started in the first place.

This appears to be more of a problem when people are trying to get started in their quest for health & fitness, and less of a problem as they become more experienced in the gym. What was once a foreign concept to them–the gym, the dumbbells, the airbikes, the free weights, etc–have become familiar and part of their lifestyle and their habits.

I can attest to this; having been working out for the better part of 10 years now, physical activity has become a part of my life. I’m not a saint though, and still struggle with consistency and motivation from time to time. These things ebb and flow, go up and down, and have peaks and valleys. However, I find that even though I’m far from perfect, it is much easier to stay on track with gradual improvement over time, and it’s probably easier for me to “get back in the swing of things” having already accumulated so much lifting experience.

When it comes down to it, fitness shouldn’t be YOUR LIFE, it should WORK for you life. Believe it or not, my life does not revolve around my training and my workouts, and neither should yours.

When I was first getting started in this career, I quickly realized a couple of things that held true in almost all scenarios:

  1. Health & fitness is one of the most important and beneficial lifestyle habits to acquire.
  2. As fitness professionals, our primary job is to prepare the people we work with for their lives OUTSIDE the gym. An athlete does not work out for the sake of working out; she works out to get better at her sport.
  3. As such, and as explained previously in my fitness mindset blog,  fitness has far-reaching effects on the rest of life. If you push it in the gym, chances are the rest of life won’t seem so hard anymore.

This brings us to the ultimate question, a question that can put you on the right path to fitness.


It’s really that simple. Why do you workout? Why do you want to be healthy and fit? Why is that important is you? Why is it going to suck if you don’t achieve the important goal or goals you’ve set for yourself?

Anytime I’m struggling, I always fall back to these questions to renew my motivation and my pursuit. This is especially important over the long haul, because achievements don’t materialize out of thin air; they are a labor of love, the result of a thirst for improvement, so much so that you can do little except chip away at it, piece by piece by piece.

There is never a perfect time to get started with health and fitness, because the intangible things we want–more strength, more performance, more confidence, more social acceptance, more love– aren’t time-sensitive. Even if you put a timeline on those 10 pounds you need to trim off, they can very well come back again if you neglect all the fitness and lifestyle habits you’ve been working on. And in that instance, even that goal is a means to an end. Why do you want to lose those 10 pounds in the first place?

That’s your why. And if you have the answer to that, no one can take that from you, and you’ll need little else to get started on the right path to fitness, strength, sexiness, and health.

Find your “why,” and stay tuned for more on this topic.

by Jeremy Lau

Jeremy Lau

Jeremy Lau Halevy Life Staff CoachJeremy Lau is a Senior Staff Coach at Halevy Life.

Jeremy graduated cum laude from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a BSc. in Biomedical Engineering and received his Master’s in Exercise Physiology at Columbia University. In addition to his academic accolades, Jeremy is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

Prior to joining the team at Halevy Life, Jeremy completed a coaching internship at Cressey Sports Performance, where he coached both amateur and professional athletes, among whom were many professional MLB baseball players.

As an athlete, Jeremy has played baseball competitively for most of his life.

New York, NY

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