Know why muscles get “tight” & what core training really is?

Do you wish you actually understood why muscles get “tight,” as well as what core training is and, more importantly, is not?

Have you heard of Dean Somerset? Because according to Eric Cressey, Tony Gentilcore, Joe DeFranco, and, well…the rest of the training world, the man knows what he is talking about when it comes to effective training and coaching coaches to become more effective at what they do (this includes you).

As a member of the NYC fitness community, Halevy Life is proud to announce an exclusive two-day event with Dean:


February 28th – March 1st 2015
Day One: Ruthless Mobility
Day Two: Advanced Core Conditioning


Day One: Ruthless Mobility


This full-day workshop details the anatomy & physiology of how and why muscles get “tight,” what you can do to increase range of motion instantly and over the long term, and how to utilize breathing mechanics to get the best results possible.


Topics covered include:
  • Fascial anatomy and critical components to increase range of motion
  • Structural variations and how they impact mobility
  • Neurological considerations and how to “tune” the nervous system
  • Foot positional importance and how to fix fallen arches immediately
  • Application of concepts for improving mobility throughout the body
  • Assessments and coaching plans to get the best results possible.


Day Two: Advanced Core Conditioning


This full day seminar will discuss what core training is and isn’t, and showcase how to work with anyone from spinal surgical recovery to elite athlete with the same considerations.


Topics covered include:
  • Core training anatomy, including diaphragm and pelvic floor anatomy and physiology
  • Role of breathing and how to modulate different breathing methods to adjust neural tone to produce results
  • Integrative physiology and neurology to provide instant improvements in force production, spinal bracing stiffness and power output
  • Regressions and progressions, plus coaching applications for common and uncommon core training exercises
  • Rebuilding the core following low back injury/pain


Registration is extremely limited so act now if you want to take your coaching to the next level…not to mention your own training!
Early bird Bonus UNTIL DECEMBER 25, 2014:


A group training seminar with Dean, as well as dinnertime Q & A. Ask anything you want and pass the gravy! Group training sessions will be scheduled for Friday, February 27th, and will be arranged at 3 potential times during the day. Please let us know whether you have any special considerations, injuries or limitations ahead of time to allow for planning and preparation. You will receive an email on the 26th to outline the plan, at which point you can just reply to the email and give all pertinent info.



New York, NY

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