Opinion: Yes, Lifting Weights Will Make You Bulky

Will lifting weights make you bulky? YES.

You’ve heard it: lifting weights will you ultimately bulk you up. And it turns out IT’S TRUE.

Lifting weights will make you bulky, because of the way you are most likely working out and eating. Feel the burn? Do as many reps as you can? Do “body part” exercises? Well…this encourages metabolic stress and muscle damage, which are two pillars of hypertrophy —- muscle growth.

Top that off with a little wine with dinner, a small treat at Starbucks, and that extra slice of pizza habits, and that caloric surplus starts building….more muscle (and you thought I was going to say fat!).

Losing weight and burning fat is simple: consume less calories than you expend. To gain weight (and most of the time that means fat too), you must consume more calories than you need.

The notion that lifting weights makes you bulky is only prevalent because of nutrition, as above, and the exact weight and rep schemes you are probably doing in the hope you won’t bulk up. And it’s way easier to pin it on the dumbbells than the decadent dessert you’re hoping amnesia takes care of.

Gaining even 1-2 pounds of muscle takes MONTHS. Yes, MONTHS. And the fact of the matter is that you actually NEED muscle to burn more calories and give you that slim, toned, and slender frame (well, as much as the good genes mom and dad gave you allows — if all else fails, blame them). And there’s a better way to achieve these results: lift heavy to be light. No more “three sets of fifteen,” the burn, doing reps to failure, or isolating a single body part: get strong all-around — and stay light — by lifting heavy.

by Jeremy Lau

New York, NY

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